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Thank you for sharing my passion – we’re all here to make a difference in this world.

In my 50s I decided I’d take what I do best and launch my personal brand, Good Morning Gorgeous! I’m over the moon excited for the possibilities. Every day will bring something new while dreaming and re-imagining. The core of me will continue to help others and companies be the best they can considering their personal goals and hopes.

The clients, groups and individuals that I align myself with are like-minded in their passion to give back. They value positive social and environmental effects for themselves, their employees, their organizations – and the planet. My life has been dedicated to collaboratively sharing resources, experience and passion for people.

I live with purpose EVERY DAY, and while I am definitely not perfect, I accept and own all of my weaknesses and I can emphasize that grace, grit, perseverance and faith have gotten me to where I am today starting a new company living life the best I can and being as present as possible (maybe for the first time ever).

I’ve been blessed to grow up with strong genes and a tenacious character from my incredible parents and the remarkable positive influence of a village of others, yet grit has helped me have the tenacity for my life journey that ultimately is God’s plan anyway!

Growing up a daughter of a famous college basketball coach, married for 28 years … Now divorced (most difficult time of my life), I’ve always been a hopeful entrepreneur, a tireless philanthropist/national advocate for children and yet what I love most of all is being a mother of 8. My hope is that my children learn from me that have to find their passion, that they have a purpose and to always try to make the world a better place.

My grit and perseverance have been powered by learning from others and from my own failures and accomplishments with the utmost grace … even when the deep truth was that it was all way much harder than I let it show most of the time.

I was the first girl to play little league baseball and playing with all boys made me appreciate the grit it takes when one has the confidence to do something extreme. My athletic skills helped me from being made fun of but the boys were ruthless – especially from the pressure they made me feel every at bat and in the field. Determined, I had the courage to be the first girl to play because I was supported by my parents, my brother, and my team of boys.

In High School I decided to work in television sports. My dream was to be a sports reporter. This was in the 1980s when few women were pioneering this progression. The grit and backbone I needed to stay focused again in a “mans world,” was imperative to have any success. I set goals to work the Olympics in TV and I started that dream 1988 in Calgary with ABC working figure skating setting up the skaters in the “kiss and cry” for the amazing Peggy Fleming to interview after their performance.

I attended the University of Notre Dame. I’m an ‘87 grad and studied American Studies for television. I worked in sports information department all 4 years, as well as interned at NBC NFL 84 in NYC after freshman year; worked local TV through graduation. While my TV dream was put on hold (basically for life) because I married into the up and down life of MLB moving 84 times in the 25 year amazing career of Jamie Moyer.

Hospice comforted me when my grandfather, a former undertaker, passed away, and I promised to give back to Hospice some day. Helping endow a grief camp for kids in my hometown of South Bend, IN with our good friend Garth Brooks, I took that model of camp and named it after Erin, a young woman who lost her battle to cancer. During this time, philanthropy became my passion. I created the first Camp Erin in Seattle partnering with the hospice that Erin’s family used for her passing. And as Co Founder of The Moyer Foundation, now Eluna, I also founded and created two camps for kids. Camp Erin, a grief camp for kids who grieve a loss, and Camp Mariposa, a camp for kids who live with family addiction. After nearly two decades of working in grief I organically came upon a service much needed and that to help those grieving loss, long term breakup, divorce, tragic situations and even illness or disease and help them ReImagine Love again. It takes a lot of grit and perseverance to fight the fight for kids in distress, and to be constantly fundraising takes patience to grind for the cause. It’s my life passion!

Life takes unconditional grit through every up and down, through good times and bad, and through those times when only LOVE is the answer when it’s so hard! My energy and endurance come from recognizing life as a gift. Being brave in every role takes many lessons learned in a life full of imperfections.

I currently live in Southern California. When I’m not helping people find love reimagined, making connections and building corporate responsible programs for companies, I can be found in spin class, Pilates, boxing, walking my dogs on the beach, sailing around the world, or hanging out with my amazing kids … Making every day ridiculously amazing!

I’m thankful for my blessings, passions and strengths to have intense grit in my life journey and all of my Plan Bs, because nothing is guaranteed! I don’t get overwhelmed because I live only in the now! I believe in second chances and forgiveness as the golden ticket to living on and living well! And most important is to know early on to surround ourselves with people that help you not only shine on but shine brighter. People that make you the best version of yourself are worth having around forever! My NEXT is solely based on God’s plan for me. MY STORY has created GOOD MORNING GORGEOUS where every day we make things possible because we can.

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