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My passion is creating, building and bringing dreams to life.

Our Mission:

To build (impressive) teams of (amazing) clients, (stunning) consultants, and (awesome) experts who develop (awe-inspiring) ideas into successful (superb) businesses that satisfy (grand) dreams. Our goals are the same, the process is (spectacularly) magical, and the purpose is (wonderfully) well defined.



Karen Phelps Moyer has put a lifetime of experience into her role as CEO and owner of Good Morning Gorgeous, a collaborative agency bringing your ideas to life from product and business development, innovative services and much more.

Creator, Connector, Collaborator, Visionary, Philanthropist, Advocate and Entrepreneur

  • Founded The Moyer Foundation; camps for kids, 6-18 years old grieving the loss of a loved one and kids 9-12 living with family addiction. Currently, 120 camps nationwide and growing.
  • Emmy-Award winning HBO documentary
  • Founding & Executive Committee Member for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention
  • Founded Sisters in Sports, an online network for women in sports
  • 2018 Special Olympics Ambassador and Moderator
  • Founded and managed Magnolia Baseball Club
  • Founded and lead instructor GoLegs Spin Studio

Through her lifetime of activity, Karen has accumulated the business experience and industry connections to make her uniquely capable of supporting her client individual goals and dreams.

Karen, University of Notre Dame ‘87 grad, currently lives in Southern California and is a mother of 8. (not a typo, really 8) When she is not building ideas and brands she can be found in spin class, pilates, boxing, walking her dogs on the beach, sailing around the world, or hanging with her amazing kids…making every day ridiculously amazing!

Good Morning Gorgeous approaches every interaction with our clients as a true partnership and collaboration.

Our philosophy is to listen and look at each project with an eye towards strategic alignment, helping our clients bring their dreams to life, and to be the creative spark and grow their businesses strategically.

and Start-Ups

We bridge relationships, expand partnerships and build connectivity that results in what might seem like magical win-win opportunities to collaborate. Our specialty? Supporting start-ups, connecting and developing strategic relationships with key collaborators whether it is creative, financial or strategic business development.

and Products

We assist with creating, curating and executing programming and programs to maximize our clients’ talent, communicate brands’ assets and better reach strategic audiences. We also support the development of a digital or physical product from the ideation stage to the end product ensuring a seamless reflection of the client’s brand and vision.


Sometimes in life, the essential things are services that help make life easier. Elite TLC is a customized service, supporting people who are grieving loss, be it death, divorce or devastating breakup, and are seeking new relationships and reimagining love.



From her keynote, coaching, and leadership speaking engagements, Karen’s specialty is helping others create blueprints for inspired creativity and innovation. We will put together conferences and events bringing people together to learn from each other, collaborate and network.


Karen has supported, consulted, connected and collaborated with industry leaders and creatives across dozens of categories over her 30 years of experience. Highlights include:

  • Universities, College and Pro Sports Organizations & Associations
  • Fashion and Elite Brands, Entertainment Industry, National Media
  • Fortune 500 Companies, Domestic & International NGOs
  • Politicians (both sides of the aisle), Private & Public Sector Issues
  • Children’s Hospitals and Research Centers

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