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Advance company culture.
Become socially responsible.
Invest in the future.

Corporate Responsibility is shaping the future of companies and culture and changing the way we help the world.

The clients, groups and individuals that I align myself with are like-minded in their passion to give back. They value positive social and environmental effects for themselves, their employees, their organizations – and the planet. My life work has been dedicated to collaboratively sharing resources, experience and passion for people.

– Karen Phelps Moyer

Every company needs to start somewhere!

Karen creates programs that will positively impact your business model, develop employee engagement and help you give back to your communities that in turn support your business.

Karen’s 20+ years as a creator, connector, visionary, philanthropist, collaborator and advocate has given her a vast understanding and appreciation of how and why, there is exponential value in investing in company culture and being socially responsible.

3 ways to work with Karen

Strategic Power Session

1/2-day collaboration with Karen

Karen will engage you and your leadership team through a half-day strategic power session. Together, you will ideate, collaborate and create social responsibility possibilities for your business.


Start – Grow – Root

Start with a small idea and grow it!

Consulting services include program creation, Implementation and continued support:

  • Assessment of company & strategic goals
  • Assessment of culture
  • Clear understanding of business & brand goals (short + long-term)
  • Define importance and impact of corporate responsibility on culture & community
  • In-person kick-off session with leadership team on corporate responsibility
  • Partnership connections with local and national brands, industry experts and local resources for cross marketing
  • Extensive knowledge of monthly and national themes and local events
  • Facilitation of program meetings and / or calls
  • Continued support for your leadership team, your people and program evolution

Fundraisers – Bringing People Together

Events and Conferences

Planning your next charitable event or conference? From concept to execution, Karen’s specialty is bringing people together leveraging her extraordinary leadership, creative vision and extensive connections. Through sheer determination, she will not just get the job done, she will get it done the right way – and will provide contagious energy and inspiration every step of the way!


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